Superfighters Play
16 veto, 3.7/5

Are you ready to experience a breathtaking adventure with Superfighters? An unforgettable experience awaits you, in which you will fight against enemies of different sizes and characteristics who want to kill you. By entering the secret search of Super Warriors; choose the most suitable weapon model for you from the weapon options that will affect and increase your statistics, help you Decimate all the enemies you encounter, and start hunting enemies!

Watch out for dynamite boxes in your Superfighters adventure. Because these boxes can cause fatal wounds on your body. Be careful that your adventure is not left unfinished! If you say that you will never be without a friend in this adventure, you can start fighting with your friend, who you call a real team, with the option of two players. 

You can play alone or with your friend to be the last survivor in this adventure that starts as soon as you touch the ”Play" button. To start the game, you can use the “up, down, right and left arrow keys” located on the keyboard. You can select the desired option by pressing the Enter key. Oh, be careful, your enemies in suits who are after you are not going to let you go unless you kill them. You can add a new breath to your adventure by going up with the elevators that you encounter during the game. You can also choose characters and set the difficulty level of the game yourself the way you want.

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