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3 veto, 5.0/5
Gladiator True Story

Gladiator True Story, a breathtaking war game, will take you to the past, ancient times. In this game, where you portray a Gladiator, you will sign epic fights with your enemies who do not stop Decisively, coming in waves and getting stronger with each wave. But beware! In addition to fighters, different creatures may appear in the arena... such as dinosaurs. But don't be intimidated by this, because during the fight you can take advantage of the temporary ability and weapon upgrades that the game offers you. You can achieve these features by smashing the boxes that fall into the arena in Gladiator True Story game. It's good not to miss these boxes, because in addition to the upgrades that come out of them, there are also new weapons and shields, bombs that allow you to deal damage over a wide area, and even power-ups needed to refresh your life. 

And, of course, it is worth noting that diamonds and gold, which are indispensable, also fall out of these boxes. Because these valuable objects add points to your score. You can use the W, A, S, D keys to direct this hero you have portrayed in Gladiator True Story game. You can use the left mouse button or the Z key to attack, and the right mouse button or the X key to defend. At the same time, when you hold down the X key, you can create a powerful shield attack. Get ready to write your name in history with this epic game.

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