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Cute Elements

You know the elements. Water, air, earth and fire... even people add wood to the elements to make fun of. Cute Elements Game A water cube greets you in this game. You can pass the levels by collecting the stars, keys and locks on the maps, and after each level you pass, maps are waiting for you in other difficulties. It's only a matter of time before you have fun moments thanks to the small animations that will appear after the end of each episode. 

With the help of the keys you collected with the water character, you can save other elements from their locked cages and have fun with the fun graphics at the end of the episode. It is very easy to play from a computer and phone. It is possible to play by touching the screen from the phone, as well as to pass the sections exactly and correctly with the help of the mouse, which you need to do. You can open gifts by clicking on the settings option located in the upper right corner of the screen, and thanks to the gifts, you can enrich your game by dressing up your characters in funny costumes. You can download the game to your phone with the help of Google play, as well as get free costumes with gifts that you can open every ten minutes. You can finish the chapters faster by getting help from the elements you have saved in each chapter you need to pass. Throughout the game, it is possible to play in many areas from the sky to the ground with the elements.

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