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Ram the Yoddha

In this Dussehra Season, Freak X Apps has released an interesting game based on Rama's victory over Ravana, the king of demons. Ram the Yoddha is a great combination of action and role-playing games. The king of demons is always ready with evil plans and with Lord Ram in his quest to defeat the army of Lankapati Ravan. They also activate their evil plans in different ways every time. In this game, you need to kill different demons that will appear on the screen. To kill demons, you need to drag and drop the bows. Each demon has different points that you can get by killing them. The best part of the game is that as Lord Ram you will never be killed or attacked by demons, but you have to save your bows as you only have a limited number of bows to kill demons. Therefore, be careful and be fast when time is also running out. Be careful never to waste your arrows. 

Make sure you do not miss an opportunity. You may need more powerful weapons to fight against the most dangerous demons. For this purpose, you will also get some supernatural weapons for killing demons in the game. In addition, you can also get more bows by collecting the power of the bows. So, celebrate the victory of good over evil by playing the game Ram the Yoddha.

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