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Ninja In Cape

With Ninja In Cape, everyone from children to adults will be fondly connected to their movies, some of them will have their own dream motives of becoming a Ninja In Cape. A great journey full of Action and adrenaline awaits you in a breathtaking way. Twenty long-running chapters are waiting for you that will connect you to it. It is also possible to kill the blond-haired men who are going through the obstacles on the map at the fastest speed and are waiting for you with their weapons to kill you. Your goal in the game is to climb the high trails that have been set up for you by throwing ropes and collecting stars while killing your enemies. So what will this game add to you?

Throughout the game, you can show your Ninja instincts that everyone from your child to the eldest loves. The fact that there are twenty episodes in total also does not mean that you can get bored with the game. You also have different weapons that you can use against your enemies in a breathtaking action game. Completing twenty levels as a Ninja is very easy. Those who want to play this game from the computer can move, jump and kill your enemies with the help of the W A S D keys or the direction keys located on the keyboard. If you are going to play from phones and tablets, just press the touch buttons on the screen for you. Get ready to pass all the levels with Ninja in cape and become the best ninja in the world!

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