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Fallen Figures

You are faced with a new skill game. In Fallen Figures, you have to shoot to destroy the figures falling towards you. You can earn points by destroying the figures before they fall to the ground and you can put your name on the list by breaking records with those points. You have the right to drop 10 figures in total, so you have no choice but to try your best not to drop a figure. You can make the game more fun with extra bonuses in the Fallen Figures game. In order to play this game fully, you have to shoot linearly to the right or left, otherwise you will have to start the game again when you miss 10 figures. Now you can try this game for more fun and have fun. Since the game is free and has a mobile version, you can easily play it from your phone wherever you want. Join the fun by saying start this game right away and try not to drop any figures. We wish you good luck and good luck in the Fallen Figures game. May luck be on your side.

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