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Impostor RocketMan

You will step into a fun game with Impostor Rocketman. With Imposter Rocketman, a game that is casual and you will not compromise on having fun is waiting for you. As an imposter standing in a ball at the beginning of the game, you must launch it towards the farthest corner of the sky. Your goal in the game is to go the furthest distance and collect the rewards that are waiting for you in the sky. Every time your little character falls to the ground, you just need to press on your enemies on the ground to kill them and collect the items from the sky again so that they can get up to the sky and collect the items. There are rocket-transforming bags, extra speeds and more that can help you to go farther in the sky. 

At the same time, it is also possible to buy yourself new bullets, extra power-ups for your ball and more with the coins you collect from the sky. Remember that many obstacles await you not only on the ground, but also in the sky. Each time you hit the spaceships, your character will slow down by taking damage. Those who will play from a phone and tablet should only click on the touch screen for a long time, while those who will play from a computer simply adjust the speed of the ball with the mouse. Your goal in the game is to jump too far and beat your own score each time, as well as to improve yourself as much as possible until the next jump. Get ready to take shots at the sky breathlessly and dependably with Impostor Rocketman.

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