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Funny Shooter

Hi. We brought you a new action-packed game. You will have a lot of fun in the Funny Shooter game. You can start the game by choosing one of the 18 available weapons. Your task in the game will be to protect yourself from enemy invasion, will you be able to achieve this? Enemy sizes may vary, and you should try to protect yourself as much as you can by paying attention to this. Otherwise, you may have a chance to lose your life. Your enemies will also have weapons and they will also be able to drop grenades at your location. Can you destroy them with the weapon you chose in the Funny Shooter game? At the same time, it is written above how many enemies you have to kill. You should do your best to reach this number as soon as possible. It's time to show your skills in this game. The faster you are, the longer you will survive. Since the game is a very fun and action-packed game, you will enjoy playing and spending time. Now you can try this fun Funny Shooter game for free without wasting any more time. We wish you good luck and have fun. May luck be on your side.

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