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Vex 7

Hello! 7 Of the stickman game. welcome to the version! There are 9 new difficult actions in this fun game known as Vex 7. Are you ready to do your best to pass these challenging sections? As you know from the previous versions of the game, you cannot go to the next level in the game without completing the last action. Therefore the only rule of this game will be to jump and steer your stickman. In this version, you need to collect the coins found on the way to unlock 64 new different views, and then you can unlock the locked elements from the store. And in addition, game developers have also created tasks on a daily basis to earn you more money. By completing these tasks in full, you can earn extra coins in this fun game. And finally, the game developers have also made updates to the Vex 7 version in high-quality resolution. In this new version, which opens at 60 FPS, you will have a lot of fun playing the game! New versions are still coming in this fun game that has more than one level. Now you can start this fun game right away without wasting any more time and perform all the tasks and actions in full. We wish you good luck in the Vex 7 game in advance. Have fun.

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