Stickman vs Stickman 2

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Stickman vs Stickman 2

We're here with a new Stickman game. What will you do in Stickman vs Stickman 2? In a very simple game, your task will be to get rid of other stickmen. To achieve this with full meaning, after starting the game, you will aim at the Stickman and shoot by pressing the sign in the lower left corner. It's that simple. But in Stickman vs Stickman 2 game you will not constantly destroy the garbage men from the front or back when you need to bounce the bullet from the walls. We know that you will do everything you can to achieve this. At the same time, your ammunition is quite small, you have to use it sparingly. Now you have to do your best by starting this fun Stickman vs Stickman 2 game right away. Otherwise, you'll have a chance to start the game over. Good luck, we wish to have fun.

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