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Squid Challenge

The world of Squid Challenge is known as the planet where the lights dominate. It is entirely up to you to survive in this world and complete the game. All you have to do is start moving when the light turns green. When the light turns red, stay where you are and not move. Driving at a red light is your end. This world is destroying those who move in the red light by not containing them. The only thing you need to survive in the world of Squid Challenge is the mouse (your fingers for mobile screens). You move the mouse in the direction you want and you can survive. When you manage to cross the line by surviving, the next level opens its doors for you. The world of Squid Challenge will make you question your abilities and measure your speed. Are you ready to compete in the world of Squid Challenge, survive and complete the game by rising to the next level? So don't stand still. Remember to pay close attention to the red light. We wish you good luck and success.

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