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Race Masters Rush

Play this fun racing and shooting game called Race Masters Rush and have fun! You can play this exclusive - new game completely free of charge! Help the little hero to get as far as possible in a dangerous race full of enemies. The farther you move your hero, the faster it is possible to pass the levels. But there is one thing you should know, and that is; a death race begins, in which our hero and the character must reach their destination as quickly as possible, but they will encounter enemies on motorcycles and many unmanned aerial vehicles that will prevent this from happening! Shoot and avoid obstacles, collect weapons with which you can improve your characteristics, such as speed, shield, ammunition and much more. With the coins you will get in the games, you need to improve your weapons and yourself in the best way. The faster you develop, the more action-packed your fight in the game will be. 

The goal of the game is to get as far as you can by eliminating obstacles in your way and escaping! Drive your vehicle and shoot the incoming enemies from the air and land to eliminate you. As you complete each level, you can improve your features and increase your score. Those who are going to play the game from the computer, use the keyboard arrows and WASD keys to move. To play Race Masters Rush on mobile devices, you just need to use the buttons on the screen.

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