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My Dolphin Show 7

My Dolphin Show is a serialized game. After different versions such as 2, 3, 6, My Dolphin Show 7 is now raising the bar in excitement. In this game you will be a dolphin trainer. You will prepare him for the show, then wow the audience with your magnificent performance. This will be such a magnificent show, just like in water parks... A magnificent adventure awaits you in this game, which consists of dozens of different levels. Don't worry, training dolphins will not be difficult for you. You will surely have a lot of fun. Because they are extremely intelligent, quick-learning, talented and harmless creatures. As it is in real life, so it is in the game. Then get ready for a jaw-dropping spectacle with your dolphin. It will take a lot of work to put on a show that is successful enough to impress the audience. You will be able to control your dolphin with the arrow keys, and when you complete the show, you will switch to different sections.  My Dolphin Show 7  The dance of the dolphins with the water will give you very enjoyable moments. The astonishing acrobatic movements of the cute dolphins will make you proud and you will think what a good trainer you are. Are you ready to impress the crowd gathered in the aquarium arena with your magnificent show? So let your dolphin show off some interesting tricks. Let him bounce the ball with his nose, leap through the rings and show many more skills. If he can do a good job, you'll earn lots of money and you can buy new clothes with them.   My Dolphin Show 7  Moreover, the more skillful your dolphin is, the more people will come to watch you.

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