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Laser Cannon 3

With Laser Cannon 3, you are the most powerful product in the whole world. If you are taking on the task of a great hero in a world surrounded by monsters with the new game of Laser Connan series. Due to the fact that it is the third game, there are new locations, new monsters, equipment that can be installed on the new laser. Throughout the game, your goal is to destroy all monsters, no matter where they are on the map. Do not miss the advantages of killing monsters that exist on the new map. Bombs are found to destroy thick walls, rocks that can fall from a height and crush monsters underneath, and more are waiting for you. You can strengthen your laser with all the gold you have earned while competing with the time located at the bottom left of the map. Remember that your goal is to destroy each of the monsters by taking good advantage of the extra opportunities that the map offers you in the game. So much so that you can also push monsters into the lava. And playing the game is even easier than you think. It is possible to use the direction keys on the keyboard or the W A S D keys to move the laser. In order to use the boosts you get by collecting the boosts on the map, you need to hold and release your mouse for a long time, and you just need to click once to make straight strokes. Laser Cannon 3 game is not out of speed, do not forget to destroy all the creatures while you are ready for your fun!

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