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Demon Killer

The Demon Killer world has been invaded by demons. There is only one survivor who can revive this world by saving it. That person is you who will become the hero of the Demon Killer world. You earn gold thanks to the demons you kill. Equip yourself with weapons arsenal with the gold you earn and start fighting the demons. Don't hesitate and focus on maximizing the potential of your shot. Because if you do, the demons will not stop. The world of Demon Killer will be in danger of extinction. You will destroy 5 types of demons with the weapons you upgrade, with 5 types of weapons and levels up to the endless mode. Start killing demons by focusing on your single mission. By getting help from the game menu, you can both get your weapons and increase your level. Be sure to take headshots to deal additional damage to demons. Do you believe you can save the Demon Killer world from demon invasion? So why are you waiting? Let's hit the play button and get started. We wish you success in the world of Demon Killer.

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