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Tini Heli

Hello, we have brought you a fun game where you will have a lot of fun. You're assigned to steer a cute little helicopter in Tini Heli. Are you gonna make it? All you have to do is air the helicopter when you start the game and collect circular balloons. But there is a period of time that you have, during which you can pass all the difficulties and collect apartments? We had fun in the game Tini Heli, and we want you to participate in this fun. Therefore, you are invited to this helicopter game with highly advanced 3D graphics without wasting any more time. Now you can have fun starting this game without being a member, whether you want to be a member. Can you collect all the stars in this helicopter game with twenty levels? In advance, we wish you good luck and have fun. The game of Tini Heli awaits you.

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