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Brawlhalla Grand Slam

It's up to you to prove your great strength against all the wild fighters present at the Brawlhalla Grand Slam! You have a big battle against the heroes who are fighting with you on the map by holding on to the poles found against the other heroes you are on the same map. You can create a boost for yourself by collecting shields formed in certain parts of the map and getting extra power-ups. You can gain advantages by rising on each of the floors and you can win your battle thanks to your strategy. It is up to you to knock down seven players with your bombs within the game. 

The game takes place in a unique vertical arena, open to everyone to fight. Throughout the game, your goal is to make solid shots from the range of your weapon, keeping your enemies on the ground. You can get special daily rewards every day you enter the game. With the gold earned from the games in the shopping store, you can buy the most suitable costumes for yourself, get characters with different weapons and appearances. You can also make special costume collections for yourself by distinguishing your characters as an axman if you want, a scythe user if you want, but only using your hands and many other options. It is very easy to play the game from a computer, tablet or phone. To play from a computer, you only need a mouse, while from phones and tablets you just need to touch the screen. Enjoy the breathless battle of the game with you.

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