Idle Zombie Guard

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2 veto, 3.0/5
Idle Zombie Guard

Idle Zombie Guard has activated with alarm. Zombies are coming wave by wave and you need cooperation to stop them. It's up to you to act strategically and defeat all the zombies. The zombies' goal is to destroy the servers. Activate the target weapons to protect the servers. With the points you have collected, you need to develop both your own weapons and tower towers. The more powerful you make your weapons and towers, the stronger your defense mechanism will be and the easier it will be to defeat zombies. Do not forget to visit the "Market" section to upgrade weapons and get an extra health bar. Zombies are getting stronger with each wave. You can stop Fire Zombies only with ICE Gun. 

Keep the zombies away from the servers and win the game! It is also possible to play the game with two people together. For this, the first player can move with the W A S D keys, throw a bomb with F, jump with G, walk on the wall with W, and also change weapons with Q. The second player can use the directional keys to move, drop a bomb with L, jump with K, and change weapons with P. Get ready for an action-packed adventure with Idle Zombie Guard.

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