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Monster Wheels Apocalypse

The engines of the monster cars have started and now a breath-taking adventure has begun with Monster Wheels Apocalypse! You can make the necessary strategic moves with your monster car and helicopter to eliminate all vehicles, planes and enemy soldiers. With impressive monster cars, you can invite your opponents to a deadly race and emerge victorious as the winning side from difficult struggles. 

You can clear your way from enemies by destroying monster car groups of different sizes and features together with your helicopter. You can improve your characteristics with the gold coins you accumulate in the Monster Wheels Apocalypse game, which aims to eliminate all enemy monster vehicles.

In an out-of-control universe where there are no rules, the roads are controlled by an army of monster vehicles that will not let you go far, that will stand in your way! Now get in your monster car and clear your way by eliminating hordes of enemies coming your way. You can check the ammunition you have. When you start the game, you can target the enemies by touching the screen with the mouse and hold an intense fire.  You can track the gold coins you have won in the upper right corner of the game. You can improve your characteristics and strengthen your monster vehicle with the gold coins you earn to make your vehicle and weapons much more powerful, to increase your shield and speed. Let's start the adventure now!

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