Operation Desert Road

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Operation Desert Road

Get ready for an adventure in a desert full of enemies with Operation Desert Road. In this game you are a tank. People will have tanks that they saved up as toys in their childhood, which they will want to ride and ride if they are likely to ride, with this game. All you have to do to get to the end of the map, which is full of endless obstacles, is to overcome these obstacles. You have to avoid the cannon shots of the tanks that are waiting for you and are as strong as you are, as well as you have to destroy the trees and stones that come in front of you with your own cannon. Another obstacle that you may encounter is bombs hidden in places. In accordance with each level you pass in the game, the map expands and the advantage chests placed for you on the map increase. 

As you collect these chests, the power of your tank increases, as well as the possibility of finding a life again when your life decreases. It is also possible to make your tank stronger and faster with the coins you earn at the end of the level along with the different colored maps specific to each level. It's up to you to eliminate all the enemies waiting for you in the desert. Those who want to play Operation Desert Road from a computer should use the W A S D keys located on the keyboard to move the tank, shoot with the Z key, and activate their special powers with the X key.

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