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28 veto, 4.1/5
Vex 5

5 Of this stickman game that continues to maintain its popularity. his version is on the air! We are sure that you will like this update very much. Vex 5 The update includes new actions that you need to accomplish and new character styles that you need to unlock. And besides, the hidden traps seem to be quite annoying in this version. As with every level, it is possible to activate your characters from the store at the end of the chapter by collecting the gold coins found on your route at this level in exchange for the coins you have collected. You should not forget that you need to be as fast as possible and make logical movements in the game in such a way that you stay as far away from hidden traps as possible. Are you ready to be a part of a game that is so popular with you in this Vex 5 game where you will progress by directing the stickman? Then start the game right now and discover new updates in the game without wasting any more time! Good luck to you, have fun.

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