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Funny Food Duel

If you like animals in the Funny Food Duel game, you will enjoy playing this game. In our daily life, cats and dogs never like to share their food. Are you ready to bring it to life in this game? Two characters will come face to face and have a food fight, will you be able to overcome it? Will you be able to do your best to grab the food? You can feed your cat or dog character by playing this game with a friend or against the computer. There will be many situations that will surprise you in the Funny Food Duel game. Food may not come out of every pot, you have to be careful. When you catch 8 dishes in total, you will go to the next level, but let's see, will you be able to catch all these 8 dishes? Being faster than your opponent will be your first rule in the game, but you should be careful with frozen or rotten food, otherwise your points will be deleted. In the Funny Food Duel game, you will unlock more characters every time you win the duel. Now we wish you good luck with this game.

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