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Mass Madness

Mass Madness game is an action game that takes place in a city. Everything will be fine as if it was an ordinary day in the city. When the game starts, you will fly from above with the helicopter and you will jump down. Your task in this game will be to destroy as many people as possible by shooting your bazooka. Will you be able to do this? In addition, in this game, you will be given a bomb as well as a bazooka. You can drop this bomb on any community and commit mass murder. What are you waiting for to complete your mission in Mass Madness game? You will earn money every time you kill a person, and with these coins, you can strengthen your character at the end of the game and get yourself new weapons. So how far can you go without harming yourself in this game? We wish you good luck and good luck in the Mass Madness game. Good luck

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