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Football Puzzle

From small to large, everyone keeps a team. With Football Puzzle, you can go on a big adventure with the teams you keep. During the game, you need to match all the football players on the world with the right teams. At each level you pass, you must score a goal with a soccer ball with country flags on it. Answering interesting and football community questions is also waiting for you at every level you pass. Remember that you have five energies to answer correctly, and every time you answer wrong, you have one energy. You can use the gold you get from puzzles to replenish the energy you have lost, or you can get energy for free by watching ads. While you are testing all your existing knowledge about football, you may also find yourself facing big match questions by creating your team in the following levels. It is possible to earn gold coins loaded with correct answers by following the guides and tips on the questions. At the end of each level, there are certain figures in front of you to score goals. If you score goals in the correct position according to these figures, the number of gold coins you receive from the level you pass also increases. It is possible that you are questioning your own football knowledge while playing the game, as well as taking your friends with you to think about the questions. For those who are going to play from a tablet or phone, they only need to touch the screen, while those who are going to play from a computer are very easy to click on the correct answer with the mouse with Football Puzzle.

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