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Doodieman Bazooka

This is among the free browser games. Doodieman Bazooka, one of the most entertaining action games, gives you an important responsibility: You will manage your character Doodieman, help him take aim and deliver his bullets to the target. Your goal in the game is to fight your enemies, hit them by hitting the bullets you throw, and thus be victorious. But remember that your ammunition is limited and you have to use it wisely! Doodieman has to destroy the enemies in front of him one by one! How would you like to share this task with him? Find the most accurate trajectory, blow up the obstacles in front of you with your powerful bullets. While the enemy is swarming around you, defeat them with your clever strategies! However, while doing this, you need to be careful not to harm the innocent people around you. Next to dry, wet doesn't have to burn! It's not their fault. Just focus on your enemies, be cruel to them and be sensitive to others. You don't have an endless supply of ammunition! You have to be thrifty. Don't waste the ammo in your hand. Use them so skillfully that every shot you make hits the target from exactly 12. This may seem like an ordinary war game. However, when you step into the exciting world of Doodieman Bazooka, you will realize that you were wrong and you will find yourself in the middle of a fierce struggle.

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