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Potion Rush

With Potion Rush you will get a huge addiction to the game. Everyone believed that when he was little, he made potions by mixing certain things. So much so that sometimes there have been those who have been scolded by mothers too much because of what we have mixed up. Thanks to this game, you will relieve your desire to make potions that have been around since you were little, and you will get a great addiction to the game. As soon as the game starts, you can get different potions at the end of each level by trying to get the desired amount of products with a certain movement restriction. While there are interesting challenges in each section, in some sections you can get the potions stored in the main locations of the map by placing them in the correct position, and in some sections you can pass the levels faster by taking advantage of the advantages offered to you by the game. All those who want to play the game on a tablet and phone need to do is use the touch screen to complete the tasks assigned specifically for the levels. 

Also, players who want to play from a computer should only complete tasks correctly with the help of a mouse. You can use the different advantages offered to you at the beginning of each level, or you can refresh them by watching ads after your advantages are over. Focus on completing the five big and different maps that the game offers you. An endless adventure awaits you with Potion Rush.

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