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Oil Tycoon 2

It's time to start managing oil wells with Oil Tycoon 2, which is a very simple game to play as well as a fun game! Manage oil wells and, thanks to this, get a huge income and profit. 

Fight to strengthen your empire and expand your borders to become the oil tycoon in Oil Tycoon 2, where you will start from scratch. Get rich by selling the oil you have to different countries.

If you are ready for oil challenges, now is the time to start the game! In the game you have to follow the directions and apply the directions. In order to extract oil and increase the money you earn with the oil you extract, you should click on the marked area next to your oil extraction facility in a sequential manner. With the money you earn, you can expand the facility you have and buy a facility where you can extract excess oil from the field.

In the game you have to complete different tasks to earn bonuses and accelerate further to the oil platform construction. You have to fight to earn more money to work faster. You can track the amount of money you have won from the counter indicator located at the top of the game.

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