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Ice Queen

If you are ready for a fun adventure covered in snow, Ice Queen is the game for you. In this game with eye-catching colors, you have to guide your hero and help him solve small puzzles. In order to cross the sections, you must take the materials they want to the living beings in the environment and prevent your passage. You can track whether you have collected the materials that will help you solve the puzzles from the upper left corner of the screen.  While solving these little puzzles, don't forget to make room for sweets on the one hand. Because each of these sweets will earn you points. Of course, do not succumb to the temptation of ice creams and candies and do not lose your life by passing the traps prepared for you. You don't need to jump to pass through the paths where the traps are located, because when you give them a little time, you will see that the traps are passivated spontaneously, albeit for a short time.  

In the Ice Queen game, you can direct your hero using only the directional keys. You can move left and right, use the up and down keys to go up and down the stairs. You start each chapter of this adventure-based game, which consists of 15 chapters with 3 Lives. It is worth noting that there are no items in the game that will refresh your life. With the points you get with the food you collect, you can buy new skins for your character. The Ice Queen offers you exactly 8 cool skins that will allow you to add meaning to this fun adventure.

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