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Slice A Lot

Adventure-filled slice-cutting moments await you and your little knife in the world of Slice A Lot. Slice a lot slicing game will be addictive for you and you will crave to cut slices. Notice the red columns. If even the tip of your knife touches the red column, you will die. Cut the slices and reach the finish line. Sharp knives will reach the finish by overcoming all obstacles with your help. You will be able to collect points when you overcome the obstacles. You will have the opportunity to buy new and sharp knives with the points you collect. Various levels and obstacles are waiting for you and your little knife. Reach the finish by defeating the obstacles and move on to the next level. Remember that only the sharp edges of the blade can cut. Keep in mind that the handle of the knife can also bounce off obstacles. Lots of things are waiting for you to slice. The world of Slice A Lot is yours, reach the finish without shedding a drop of blood and become a hero. After pressing the Play button, start the game by clicking on the spaces with the help of the mouse ((with your hand on mobile devices). Are you ready to conquer the world of Slice A Lot and become a hero? If you are ready, why are you waiting, start!

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