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Teeth Runner!

Welcome to Teeth Runner, the greatest teeth game you have ever played! Since childhood, the importance of brushing teeth and the beauty of white teeth have been emphasized. In this game, you have to brush more teeth than you want. You need to exhibit special toothbrushes to the people who will appear in front of you until the final line. If your primary paste is white in color, you only need to apply those toothbrushes to people's teeth. Teeth Runner! If your paste is brown, you only need to brush the zombies' teeth. Because according to the rules of the game, only people's teeth should be white, while zombies' teeth should be black. After passing each level, a small game option also appears before you. In this option, you need to brush the teeth of a zombie or human in the appropriate color.

Remember that there are small obstacles waiting for you in the game. If your paste is brown or white, you should not apply your brush to people who have teeth outside. As soon as you apply, the pastes that are on your brush will disappear and there will be problems in passing the levels that you can pass. The only thing that those who want to play the game on the computer should do is to get help from the mouse. Those who want to play on a tablet or phone need to touch and pull the touch screen. Teeth Runner! Get ready for unique and short-winded toothbrushes with.

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