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Day at school

We are here with a game in which we will be a guest on the school benches: Day At School! It is very easy to spend pleasant moments and have an unforgettable time at school with this game, which is suitable for different age groups!

In the game, you must first start by cleaning the yellow school bus. You should clean the leaves, foam and wash the bus with water. After that, you should clean the classroom, which has a very dirty and dusty appearance because it has not been used for a long time, and restore it to an impressive classroom appearance. During this cleaning process, you should clean the designated places by using the cleaning materials on the right.

You can also determine the appearance of the classroom the way you want; you can paint the classroom walls the color you want.  In the next step, you should find the items that students need in the room, which has a complex appearance, and place them in their place. When the bag is completed, you should prepare the student for school with the clothes you will choose. 

Start now to do all the preparations without ringing the school bell with Day At School and get ready to live an unforgettable school day.

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