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Hot Dog Bush

What are your methods of dealing with difficult situations Hot Dog Bush? Let's say you are the head of a very large organization. In fact, this organization is so big that you can manage a country from there. Let's get the estimates. Yes! The White House has been asking about you so far. However, as a result of the misfortunes that happened to you, you were kicked out of the White House, so to speak. While I was thinking about what to do in the middle of the street, something caught your attention. What is that? An opportunity.

In this game, where you guide the character George 'Dubya' Bush in his new job, you can help George progress in his new job field by choosing one of the career or speed modes. In career mode, you can satisfy your customers while improving yourself by traveling with your hot dog stand in different corners of New York, and in speed mode, you can show your skills to the whole city by completing as many hot dogs as you can. Hot Dog Bush It is in your hands to save money by completing each day's goal. The thing you need to know about your customers is that they all want to taste your delicious hot dogs impatiently in the hustle and bustle of New York. If you keep them waiting too long, they will walk away showing all their anger. Listen to the wishes of the customers and complete your goal until the shutters close. George 'Dubya' Bush is waiting for your help. Help him in his brand new career and make him come to the best place in this career.

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