Summer Fashion Makeover

Summer Fashion Makeover

Summer Fashion Makeover

One of the first games that many players play is the girl dress up game. Summer Fashion Makeover is one of these games. Our character in the game has neglected his personal care a little and has a not very aesthetic appearance. What you need to do is to help your character have a stylish and impressive appearance by making magic touches. You ask why? Because your character wants to go to the beach.

for the care routine consisting of 4 steps, you should first start with cleaning and get help from personal care products such as soap and shampoo in this process. On the right side, the products you need to use come in order, while on the left side, how much you need to use these products is shown with a pointer. When determining the products you will use, you must use or apply the product specified by your character within the specified time.

In the second, third and fourth steps, you should continue to apply the products specified by your character on the right side of the products in accordance with the needle on the left side and make your character look Decently for going to the beach.

How to Play?



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