War Gun Commando

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3 veto, 5.0/5
War Gun Commando

Hello, we've brought you a new fun military game. Are you ready to do your best to lead the military in War Gun Commando, which is now going through some pretty tough training? This soldier will have different tasks, you must do your best to fulfill them. You'll earn extra points and money for every enemy you kill. With these points and coins, you can strengthen your weapons at the end of the game. Enemies coming towards you have killed a lot of teammates, and you're the only one who survived. Will you win this battle alone in War Gun Commando? Are you ready to avenge your teammates by doing your best in this game, which will never be so easy to beat? All the points you collect and collect in this game will help you renew your gear at the end of the game. Now, in no time, avenge your teammates in War Gun Commando. Good luck, have fun. 

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