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Merge Push

This game is based on combining numbers properly. Merge Push, one of the best puzzle games, brings the excitement to the top! Dozens of numbered cubes are rushing towards the bottom of the screen without stopping. All you have to do is keep up with their speed and place the cubes in the right rows. When a cube comes next to another cube with the same number, it immediately merges with it and turns into a single cube, and you get a larger number. Of course, combining cubes with the same number makes his job even harder. You have to place the cubes in your hand in the appropriate places on the game board, while racing against time. Merge Push Cubes must not slide to the bottom of the screen! You have to avoid this! If you are confident, wait no more! This game, which will improve your mathematical intelligence and analytical thinking skills, will keep you entertained at the same time. How long do you think you can last through this intricate puzzle? Don't have a guess? Maybe you're too confident you can handle this. So now it's time to fight against the cubes! Yup. You will not have sneaky enemies in this game. But these pesky cubes are as tough as a fierce competitor! Now, how would you like to beat them with the power of numbers?

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