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Jetpack Joyride

In this game, you have to collect gold coins by avoiding the attacks and overcoming obstacles. Jetpack Joyride You can increase your power and improve your rocket with the money you have accumulated. You can see how far you have run and how far you have left in the indicator at the bottom of your screen. The total distance you have run will be located in the upper left corner. Below that, you will be able to view how much money you have. The game pause button is in the lower right corner. This practical information will be enough for you to play the game efficiently. Along the way, you will come across magnets from time to time. Collect them and grab some freaky gold coins! OK then; Will you be able to protect yourself from lasers, bullets and more as they come at you? Be careful with your enemies, try to win new jetpacks, don't miss the gold! In summary, get ready for a breathless adventure! Jetpack Joyride, one of the most popular video games, is a candidate to take you to the peaks of entertainment! If you are looking for something different, you can be sure that you have come to the right place. Halfbrick Studios, which made a name for itself with the Fruit Ninja game, has reached millions of users this time with Jetpack Joyride. Haven't you joined this family yet? Then you are missing out on a lot. With its action-packed plot, exciting atmosphere and quality visuals, this game, we claim, is just for you! 

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