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Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm game is a platform and survival game at the same time. Our character, who is farming in space, is trying to collect fruits on the platform while trying to overcome difficult obstacles. In addition to the pointed iron traps coming out of the ground, it is necessary to pay attention to many traps such as collapsing floors. Another danger in the Rublox Space farm game is space robots. When you approach them, your character may be injured and his life may be reduced by being noticed by robots. While ensuring that the farmer takes care of his affairs, keeping him alive is the most basic element. In the Rublox Space Farm game, your character has a fragile structure against many factors. In order for him to continue, he must have both enough food and enough vitality. In this long-running game that you can enjoy, you must protect the farmer according to the strategy you have set up and deliver him to his destination.

In the Rublox Space Farm game, your character has a total of 3 lives. You have to collect the fruits that are on the platform. While doing all this, try not to lose lives by being wary of traps and space robots. Your lives are valid for all levels. If you consume it, you will have to return to the first level. While experiencing a long-term pleasure in the game, you should also pay attention to the time to skip the levels. Rublox Space Farm game is a game that players of all ages, big and small, can play by building strategy and logic.

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