Sniper Strike

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Sniper Strike

As you can see from the name of the game, you're going to play a sniper role. That's why we're going to give you Sniper Strike We brought the game. You have only one goal in this game. We invite you to a secret sniper mission to neutralize all enemy targets. A professional troop of soldiers will be waiting for you in this game. All you have to do is throw one shot and wait for the opposing opponents to attack you. To complete your mission, you have to neutralize areas marked as priorities. Sniper Strike Will you be able to infiltrate all the tops in your game? That's exactly what you're asked for. There are three levels in total in the game. Come on, take your gun, hold your breath, and shoot in no more time. Sniper Strike We wish you good luck in your game. Good luck with you. 

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