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Roller Cubes

This game, developed by Justforward, is in the category of puzzle Roller Cubes games. It requires you to correctly place the figures in the marked area by decoupling them together. It is important that the numbers coincide with the corresponding region!  In order to properly combine the figures, you need to move your cubes and connect them together by sliding. If it already sounds complicated, then this game will push you a lot. But there is no problem! You can be sure that your skill in developing strategies and solving puzzles will increase. It is possible to play this game for free through your browser. Roller Cubes Swipe down, up, left and right to complete the levels, thus filling the empty spaces with sponges of different colors. As you can see, your opponents in the game are both the most harmless opponents in the world, and very difficult: cubes, blocks and figures that need to be combined, which can not be sure where they should be placed. Roller Cubes If you like solving puzzles, if you are tired of the usual puzzle games and classic newspaper puzzles, here is a very different alternative for you! You can play the game by swiping or tapping. If you receive a notification about the orientation of your tablet or screen, you will need to rotate your device to view the game correctly. Don't forget to check out other games on our site as well. If you have tried this game before, please share your comments with us. You can help other players by giving a few tips.

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