Icy Purple Head 3

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Icy Purple Head 3

Icy Purple Head 3 is back! It is also in your hands to place the purple cube in the cargo box. The cube, which has a cute image, gets its purple color when it remains stationary while turning into ice according to where it needs to go. It is also up to you to help him complete his task by getting into the box that needs to be mailed in time. You need to remember to pass the levels at the right time and in the right way. There are also points on the maps where there are advantages that will help you during your journey that you need to be careful about. It is necessary to Deconstruct the pigeons that will prevent you from reaching the cargo box in accordance with their color, as well as to pass through the electric wires at the right time. However, you should also evaluate the purple-colored lever that will help you jump away, and the purple-colored aircraft that will carry you up well. 

It is also possible to get a costume from the screen that appears at the end of each level. It is enough to watch videos in short periods of time to get the costumes. All those who want to play from the computer need to do is use the mouse at the right moment. Those who will be playing on the phone and tablet should touch the screen to return to the ice, and they should finish the touch action to get out of the ice state. Step into unique and exciting adventures again with Icy Purple Head 3.

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