Redball Another World

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1 veto, 4.0/5
Redball Another World

Welcome to the new world of red ball! Redball Another World is with you with its new version developed in 3D. Assuming you have played previous versions of this game, you have to dodge obstacles and destroy your opponents for a while to reach the end of the game. Can you reach the best score as soon as possible? You have to do your best to print the highest score you have earned on the leaderboard. Seeing your name on the leaderboard will also make you happy. There are fifteen levels in total in Redball Another World Game. Can you win all of these levels? Since each level will have its own difficulty, the game will get harder every time you level up, so you will have to act logically. Now your task will be to reach the finish line by overcoming the obstacles with this red ball. In the first levels, this game will be quite easy, but what about the later levels? You have to pass all the levels to see your name on the leaderboard. Now we leave you alone in the game Redball Another World. We wish you good luck and have fun. May luck be on your side. Have fun.

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