Red Ball 5

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1 veto, 5.0/5
Red Ball 5

Remember this cute little red balloon? Here is the Red Ball 5 game. Will you be able to reach the door in this game, which has improved itself with its new version? Multiple obstacles will also be waiting for you that will try to destroy you as you try to reach the door. Your task in this game will be to collect all the stars, find the treasure and the key to open the secret doors, and reach the door with as high a score as possible. More than one monster will be ready to destroy you in the Red Ball 5 game, and you must get rid of them. You will enjoy playing this game that improves itself graphically as much as we do. Now you should start this fun game without wasting any more time. We wish you good luck in Red Ball 5 game. Have fun, May luck be on your side.

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