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Helicopter Mega Splash

Helicopter Mega Splash, a free action game, is included in the category of 'splash games'. You will repel the approaching enemy hordes with your helicopter. You will turn him into a war machine that destroys everything he encounters. In order to do this, you need to collect the 'strengthening items'. You will challenge your enemies with these. Your survival time will be determined by your performance in battle. This game, which raises the bar in fun and adventure with different levels, will pump a lot of adrenaline to your heart! You can't predict what will happen in advance, the game is really full of surprises. It's never uniform, on the contrary, it's extremely exciting.

How to Play? Turn the wrecking mace located on your helicopter towards the enemies coming towards you. Destroy them and level up. So now it's time to push your limits! Adventure, strategy, action, racing, a tough fight, fierce competition; it all comes together in this game dec If you are tired of stereotypical war games, if you need to try something different, it's just for you. After all, many war games are based on manslaughter with weapons. So it's classic, simple. However, Helicopter Mega Splash will give you another experience with its unusual editing and impressive graphics. Unlike standard games, fighting in this game is both much more enjoyable and more exciting. So arm yourself with your weapon, or rather, your helicopter! Destroy the enemies waiting for you with great pleasure!

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