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Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hi. We brought you a robot game that you will have a lot of fun with. Are you wondering what to do in the Hero 3 Flying Robot game? Are you ready to be a flying robot in this game? With this robot, you will destroy the enemies around the city by flying in the air, will you be able to achieve this? You have to destroy the enemies by targeting them with the energy beam in your hand, otherwise you may succumb to the enemies that respond to you. In addition, you can destroy more than one enemy at the same time, not only by using your energy beam, but also by using your guided missile. In Hero 3 Flying Robot game, are you ready to destroy the enemies that are in the farthest corners of the city with the equipment you have? You can fly and have fun as you wish in this fun game with multiple levels. These enemies are trying to seize your city, and you must save your city by destroying these enemies. Now, without wasting any more time, save your city by taking your place in this fun robot game. Since the game will be quite fun, we wish you good luck in the Hero 3 Flying Robot game. Have fun. May luck be on your side.

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