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Food Empire Inc

Are you ready to start your own farm in space? Take workers with you, transport goods, convert them into cash and earn. Have a lot of fun developing your business, increase your income and leave all your competitors in the food chain behind. Food Empire Inc, one of the strategy games, makes its name in the category of HTML5 games, service games and company games. Your goal in the game is to build your own farm, grow your business and become a millionaire! You can buy new upgrades to increase your production. For this, you need to grow different types of crops, you can turn them into coins. You can hire managers to automate part of the production and thus make your work even easier. Thus, you will have the opportunity to make a profit without doing anything. In short, you will be able to create passive income. Food Empire Inc Your workers will work for you, and the resulting profit will be yours. However, in order to get to this stage, you must first put up with some farming efforts. After all, there is no food without labor! So make labor agreements, start moving products, become the CEO of your own company, earn a lot of money. Grow tomatoes, carrots, watermelons, GINSENG, lavender, strawberries, mint, lettuce and more in space! Yeah, isn't that how tempting sky farm sounds? Entertainment and work meet in this game. If you are ready to start, click the Play now button.

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