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Bounce and Collect

More moves, more balls! You will have a lot of fun and spend a lot of time in Bounce and Collect. What you have to do in the game is to drop the balls from top to bottom, but in a logical way. As soon as you release your balls from the areas numbered x2 - x3 - x4 - x5, your balls will double, causing you to gain more points. That's why you have to act rationally, will you be able to achieve this? In short, what you have to do in this game is to throw the balls into the high-sized areas to win more balls. We believe that you will have fun in Bounce and Collect game. The more balls you collect, the higher your score will be at the end of the game, so you have no choice but to act rationally. Also, how many balls will go to waste? And how you will get them back, you have to account for it. Now, without wasting any more time, start this fun game and try to reach the highest score. Can you guess your score at the end of the game? How many points will you get in Bounce and Collect? If you're wondering about this, start this fun game right away without wasting any more time and do your best. We wish you good luck and have fun.

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