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Ski King 2022

The ski season is starting, so ski in this game with simple intuitive controls. Get ready for a unique skiing adventure with Ski King 2022. Get ready for a long-winded and breathtaking adventure on the slopes of the snowy mountains. You need to land your character, who has an excellent ski set, safely on the shore with simple controls. In this game, which has a total of thirty levels, it is also up to you to improve your mountain skills.  Run down the slope, collect coins, improve your skills and become the king of skiing. Can you also escape the avalanche? It is up to you to quickly escape the avalanche that is coming after you. With the gold coins you collect, you can get new skills or improve your turns, speed and reflexes by improving your normal skills. Carefully turn around the difficult turning areas, jump over the ice waiting for you to slide, and efficiently use the ramps that will take you far away. 

Playing the game from the computer is very simple. You can add a boost to yourself with the space bar while using only the right and left keys from the direction keys to move. Remember that the avalanche behind you is accelerating every moment, moving to swallow you up and go away. A breathtaking, full of obstacles and an excellent journey awaits you with Ski King 2022.

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