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Death Lab

Imagine that you are in a dangerous area. There are millions of enemies around you waiting to kill you. An adventure full of enemies awaits you with Death Lab. In an area where there are enemies with different ranges and difficulties, you need to evaluate the weapon in your hand well. Do not forget to use explosives, gears and other items found in the field to help you. It is also in your hands to activate high-voltage electrics and lasers that will be activated by the bullet of your weapon around you. At each level you pass, you get a lot of gold. With these golds, you can improve your weapon and increase the auxiliary products you carry with you even more. Do not forget to try to spend the least number of bullets, as the difficulty of the enemies increases with each level. 

The more powerful you are, the easier it will be to kill the robots that are on standby to kill you. Remember that the more bullets you kill robots with, the less money you will earn. That's why you have to create an excellent strategy with a minimum of moves. The fewer moves, the more solid exp and gold means. For those who want to play this game from the computer, the only thing to do is to get help from the mouse. For those who want to play from a phone and tablet, all they have to do is use the touch screen. A unique killing fun awaits you with Death Lab.

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