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Captain Sniper

Get ready to become a sniper with Captain Sniper. Get ready for different missions as a sniper with green pants, orange sweater and blond hair. At the beginning of each level, read the information about the enemy IDs presented to you and why you need to kill them most carefully. Then, starting the game, shoot at the head of the person corresponding to the identity. Remember, there are innocent people around the man you're going to kill. If you accidentally shoot at these people, you need to start the levele again. There are four different options waiting for you on the main screen of the game. In these options, the ones on the right are the daily lucky wheel flip and the reward collection corner. It is possible that you can get high amounts of gold on the lucky wheel, as well as get large amounts of gold in daily rewards, as well as get different sniper skins. 

On the left side of the options, there is an area where you can change your weapon skin and buy new skins, and below there is an area where you can change the shape of your bullets. To take advantage of this area, you need to get the highest level of gold from the games. For those who are going to play the game from the phone and tablet, all that needs to be done is to get help from the touch screen. Those who want to play from a computer can also use only the mouse. Get ready to have a fun time with Captain Sniper.

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