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Squad Tower

A lot of action awaits you with Squad Tower Game. When you start the game, you need to go to the next level by killing your enemies on the same or lower levels with you thanks to the small level located on your head. Remember that when you kill enemies that are on an equal or lower level with you in towers, you will take the levels they have on yourself. Thanks to each level you take on, it will become possible for you to kill your enemies who are stronger than you. With the ‘shopping’ option available in the game, it is possible to buy different style costumes for your character. Remember that the more levels you pass, the more different and powerful your weapons that you use on your enemies that you will kill will become. Remember that you need to constantly move to the next level in order to get new looks and be able to find more powerful weapons. For those who want to play this game from phone and tablet, all you have to do is get help from the touch screen and drag your character to other towers to defeat their enemies. 

Those who want to play from the computer also just need to drag their character with the mouse to get to the enemies. It is up to you to defeat your enemies with a grand strategy that you will build against your enemy. Get ready to jump to new levels and have a great adventure with Squad Tower.

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